Day 8-9, Walk in the Crimean mountains

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Day 8, 14.4., Sevastopol

That day, not much was going on. I accompanied L. to the university, took some money. After I was done E. and one of her fellow students came towards me. They had a break, so we walked through Chersonesus having conversation in German.

At the end E. asked me, whether I would be OK to visit one of her German classes the next day, which I happily agreed to.

Apart from that I just walked around and literally asked in every shop, whether they have post cards. But I didn’t have success. At the post office a woman told me – at least that’s what I got from her words – that all post cards had to be exchanged. This is strange, because normally post cards don’t care, which country the region belongs to.

I could have understood if they had been out stamps, because these had to be exchanged into Russian ones. However, back in Yalta I was able to get stamps as well as post cards.

In the end  I walked the long way back to L.’s apartement to say Good-bye and go to her friend A. and her boyfriend O., who is a professional PC gamer.

Day 9, 15.4., Sevastopol, Foros-Tilove

At noon I met with E. to take part in the German lesson. Including the teacher, eight students were present – only girls. But the communication in German was a bit difficult. It was possible to talk with the teacher, E. and her friend R., but the other students rather wanted to speak English. So in the end, when the teacher was gone,  we spoke English, .

I arranged to meet E. and R. on Thursday again for a little tour and went to the bus station from where I took a bus to Foros to start my hike along some crests (map in I started the approximately 12km hike quite late in the afternoon at 4pm and started hitchhiking back to Sevastopol at about 8pm. But because it got dark at about 9pm, that was not a problem.

The first part of the hike was a bit chilly as I forgot a jacket. But after the first “summet” I hiked out of the clouds into the sun and could enjoy the famous beautiful and breathtaking Crimean landscape – I loved walking along the crests and over meadows.

The way was not really well signed, but with GPS, it haven’t been a problem. But I guess even without it’s possible to find at least the right direction – it was just more comfortable for me, since I started quite late.

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Photos of day 8

Photos of day 9

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